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Soal Gladi Resik 2013 Text I India has a very poor rate of illiteracy, much lower than that of countries like korea, china, and Even Thailand. Due to this India has to face a number of problems such as over-population, poverty, unemployment, etc. It is found  that in recent times the peple of this country […]

Read the story together and circle the correct answer John lives in San Marcos. He works in a restaurant. He works six days a week. After work he plays soccer or baseball with his sons. He tries to play every day, but sometimes he can’t. John’s wife works too. She goes to school three nights […]


Ali Baba A: Do you like stories? B: Yes, I love stories. I will tell you the story of Ali Baba. A: I am interested. B: Ali Baba lived many years ago in Persia. A: Was he rich? B: No. He was a poor man. He had three donkeys. Every day he took the donkeys […]


TENSES Definisi Adalah perubahan kata kerja yang menunjukkan waktu terjadinya suatu perubahan/peristiwa. Sebenarnya ada empat waktu yang mempengaruhi terbentuknya tense, yaitu: 1. Present 2. Past 3. Past Future Keempat waktu tersebut kemudian dapat dimodifikasikan dengan sifat kejadian (tingkat kesempurnaan peristiwa), yaitu 1. Simple 2. Continuous 3. Perfect 4. Perfect continuous Dari modifikasi di atas, maka […]

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